We not only offer the finished products like windows and doors, but we also manufacture several components that we sell separately into the window and door market as well. These products are utilized in our own products, so believe in their durability and high standards of production. Due to our vast capabilities and in-house designing staff, we are able to manufacture and private label items for others who are either too busy, too small or too inexperienced to do themselves.

We have built a line of Impact-rated doors for a company using their specifications, a line of non-operating louver doors for stocking in a customer's inventory, door jambs / stops and standard brickmould for hangers of import Meranti doors, and even bundles of engineered door stiles and rails for door companies to manufacture their own doors (small to medium size only - this is not our specialty). We can leave all labeling off the products, and we can build items to your spec.'s per contract agreement, which enables you as the customer to sell CWI products as your own if you so desire. As we say, "If you can dream it, we can build it"

stiles and rails


For over five years now, there has been a product on the market for Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) grid applications in both new construction and remodeling. This multi-piece system, which features pre-bent hubs to be coped together with straight vertical bars, has many benefits over traditional coping systems in its ease of application and uniformity from unit to unit. These units are available in thickness from 1/4" to 5/8", standard widths of 7/8" & 1-1/4", and numerous profiles and colors (add-on). All our SDL features our most popular premium grade from 3M. In addition to the multi-piece system, we also offer lineal footage that matches profiles & thickness because all of it manufactured in our facility.

Also, we were the developers of the original stainable SDL bar, called Dura-Grain, that we developed in conjunction with several ThermaTru representatives for their Classic Craft series of mahogany and oak stainable fiberglass doors. This product, when combined with gel-based stains, will truly mimic a wood door in the best way developed up to this point (although we may be a little biased!). It is available in 8' lineal pieces, which are shipped in small quantities via FedEx, or larger quantities via LTL Carrier or delivered on our trucks. Distributors can also order our system that includes coping bits and a router table to manufacture your own grid patterns from our lineals in your shop. You could say that our SDL program is truly a unique and all-encompassing line..

For more information on our Dura-Grain SDL Products, download our Flyer by CLICKING HERE

stiles and rails

Door Parts For Pre-Hangers

For companies who are importing and hanging Chinese Meranti doors, we offer a system, formed from our Sajol wood species, that matches nearly identically the woods that are used in these doors. As we have learned over the years, while the doors are readily available in many areas and cases, the components that make up the entire units are harder to come by. That is why CWI developed a pricing structure and product category for pre-cut 4-9/16" & 6-9/16" door jambs & headers, 180 Brickmould, mull covers, interior casings & T-astragals for both 6-8 and 8-0 doors. These are sold in minimum quantities (half bundles), or can be discounted further on a sliding scale based on purchased amounts. Please check out the "Wood Species" page for a look at the lumber and call or e-mail our offices for further details.

stiles and rails

Engineered Stiles & Rails

Though there are companies out there who make this their primary line of business, CWI does not produce our stiles and rails by the hundreds. Instead, what we offer are the smaller quantities, with attention to detail and a larger variety of wood species than most. We offer our stiles with either an LVL or stave Finger-joint core, and top them with a 3/16" veneer and 7/8" side blocks. These are becoming a standard in the wood door industry and we both purchase and make our stiles for our units, depending on the quantity needed. In addition, we offer two other types of stiles that are unique to Century Woodwork. We offer a laminated stile, which is two boards that are ripped along the vertical (taller) side, flipped and re-glued with another piece of similar lumber to ensure that the grains are crossed to keep from warping. This product, though not quite as cheap in price as engineered stiles, is still a nice option and is great for radius top doors where you don't want to see any core material at the top. In addition we also offer, in limited quantities, a line of Impact-ready stiles which feature an interlocking grooving system and channel pre-cut into the wood along the vertical plane to allow for insertion of various types of stiffening rods for use in impact-rated door units (NOTE - this is NOT sold as an Impact-rated product, but only as a component. Doors manufactured outside of CWI using these stiles are not covered and must be tested for Impact & DP ratings independently). We also do these laminated stiles that are pre-machined for acceptance of W&F's multi-point locking systems. These are a true cost-savings if you don't do a lot of multi-point locks and don't want to buy the cutting template for routing out the stiles yourself. Certain restrictions do apply however. Please call the staff at Century Woodwork with any questions or further details.