Windows & Components

Window Sashes and Units

Millwork Components manufactures custom WOOD windows and transoms in a variety of wood species and designs. From True Divided Lite ( TDL) units with 1 ¼” wide muntins to Simulated Divided Lite( SDL) units with as narrow as 7/8” wide muntins, we manufacture a window, or transom to meet your needs.

  • Authentically reproduced Single Pane Putty Glazed Window Units
  • Fixed and Operating Radius units of all shapes and sizes.
  • Both Casement and Double- Hung Units
  • Windows and transoms with Laminated Safety Glass for extra security and noise abatement
  • Transoms to fit above other manufacturer’s windows and doors to enhance the visual image of the project
  • Interior fixed units with either tempered or Laminated Glass for commercial projects

Miscellaneous Projects and Products

From countertops to custom planters, the staff of Millwork Components has seen and designed them all. We have produced some of the finest custom wood products for even the most discerning of customers. From custom Accoya wood sills all the way to unique oven hoods, we have been able to customize to suit the needs of our clients time and time again. So bring on your mantles, your distressed woods, your shutters and even your silly birdhouses. We can help you see your dreams through to reality.

Special Stair Treads

Millwork Components manufactures custom interior wood step treads in a variety of wood species and sizes, allowing our customers the luxury of matching wood on their stairs to the wood in their floors. With our advanced processing and gluing technologies, we can manufacture step treads up to 120” in length and whatever width and thickness the job requires. Whether it is square edge, or profiled on 1, 2 or 3 edges, we have what it takes to complete your dream staircase.


Millwork Components state-of- the-Art re-sawing, gluing and profiling capabilities allow us to manufacture custom flooring for those special projects requiring other products than “off the shelf” wood species or sizes. With capabilities to re-saw up to 11 ¾” wide material with exacting precision, we can offer our customers products that others have to decline. A room full , or a house full of authentic solid hardwood flooring can be the accent that sets your project apart. So, you don’t have top settle for what other have in stock, or say that they cannot get. You have a source for what you need.

Corbels and Brackets

Millwork Components produces custom wood corbels and decorative brackets made of a variety of solid wood species and to our customer’s designs. Although the majority of these items are generally produced from Western Red Cedar or Cypress, we do have the capability to manufacture these from other species of wood. All Corbels and brackets are manufactured to our customer’s specification.

CNC Machining

We offer custom CNC machining for other producers and customers alike. Specifications are generally sent to us from our client’s Cad drawings and downloaded into our machinery for production. Custom proto-typing is also available on an as needed basis. For more information on your project just e-mail us with your requirements and we will be happy to respond to your request.