Laminated Stiles & Rails

Millwork Components manufactures and sells to millwork companies “laminated” solid wood door and window components. Laminated wood products can be 2 or more layers of material face laminated together with opposing grain patterns to produce a solid wood component that is far superior to a single piece of solid wood.

For products such as Knotty Alder, or other species and grades of wood that are prone to having open knots and various other traits desired in the marketplace today, “Laminated” door and window parts are far superior to either solid wood, which almost always will warp or twist, or even the engineered products with thick veneers on the faces of the parts. “Engineered” door stiles and rails made of Knotty Alder, Knotty White Pine, Rustic Cherry, or even Andean Walnut, with their large unsound knots and stress cracks giving them the rustic character appearance that the marketplace is requiring for both residential and commercial jobs will, over time, have the knots fall out or have large gaps which expose the substrate of the stile core.

Laminated wood products are produced by re-sawing and reversing the grain of a piece of wood to reduce the tension of the natural wood leaving a product that is dimensionally more stable than solid wood therefore the product has less chance to warp or twist.

Most commonly produced as a “2 ply” product, laminated wood can also be ordered as 3- ply to maximize both the size of the wood piece and the stability of it. Three ply laminated wood, if done correctly, completely de-stresses the material being used and ensures a lifetime of performance without warpage or twist.