Reclaimed & Rustic Wood….it’s all the Rage!

Nowadays, clients are looking to stand out among an ever-increasing crowd of manufacturers. Niche markets are constantly being developed for the manufacturers all the way down to the homeowners themselves. Exotic wood species, custom shapes and sizes, you name it and it’s being done. One of the largest trends we have seen in the woodworking industry over the last few years is the rise in popularity of Rustic and Reclaimed Woods. Barn doors are popular for both interior and exterior use, and you can find rustic furniture and reclaimed windows being used for almost every application in a home. That is why we decided to develop our line of Rustic and Reclaimed Wood Door Stiles and Rails.

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Our stiles and rails are available with a multitude of species and can be milled to size and smooth (much like reclaimed flooring is), or left rustic for that “old world, weathered” look that you find on old buildings from many, many years ago. Using custom techniques and specialty machinery, we are able to pioneer these ideas to keep on the cutting edge of the window and door industry .We are the first in our field to offer this capability and it is available in both our Engineered and Laminated Wood Stiles and Rails.  Please call or email our office and find out more about this EXCITING new product exclusively from Millwork Components!