Other Items We Manufacture

door stilesIt seems like at least a few times a week that we get questions about, "What other kinds of products can Century Woodwork produce? ". It turns out that the answer is far more expansionary than we ever thought it would be. First it was a few custom louvered shutters, then came some custom Cypress & Sapele brackets, followed by a few pallets full of knock-down PVC columns with beveled tops & chamfered edges. Before we knew it, CWI was quickly becoming a catalog full of knowledge and experience in the Odd N' Unusual parts of woodworking. Therefore, we felt the need to include it in our website, though one page clearly cannot do it justice, nor can it describe even a small percentage of the items we can do. However, please read on and perhaps you'll see just what you've been looking for and had no source to get it from.

engineered stiles

Custom Brackets & Corbels

custom brackets and corbelsThese have become a mainstay of our business outside of doors and windows, surpassing even trim & other components. I guess that mean that CWI is becoming known for them and as a leader in their manufacture. We use both CNC technology and old-world bandsaws and other equipment to either create from scratch or match existing brackets. The extensive CAD skills of our staff, as well as our ability to plot templates on both large capacity plotters and our CNC machining centers enable us to design, cut & build almost any design you can imagine. We have designed two-piece brackets that are up to 5-1/2" thick and 5' long by 10" wide, and in Sapele of all things! Some brackets are fish-mouthed to allow for cross-bracing, others hollowed out to conserve weight and allow for larger sizes. Many brackets are laminated together to form thicker lumber and decorative profiles and curves add to the unique and custom feel of the designs. Whether it's just a couple of brackets, or an entire pallet loaded with them, we can produce them to your needs and specifications, as well as on-time and on-budget. Need some brackets? Send us a drawing and see if we can help you out.

engineered stiles

Shutters & Louvers

custom shutters  custom louversThere are a lot of companies out there in the marketplace who do shutters & louvers. However, what there are NOT a lot of are companies like CWI, who produce louvers and shutters with thicker than average slats, heavy-duty solid wood construction, and in an almost limitless array of wood species. We can design and manufacture both square and radius top louvers and shutters that use 3/16" slats and stain-grade lumber throughout. In addition, the sizes are almost limitless as to what we can create, both in width, height and thickness. We have built false (non-operational) louvered doors that utilize a custom one-piece louver design to restrict all light and air passage on one side of a panel and a v-groove on the other side to match both rooms that the door resides in. Need a DP-rated false louver door? Well, it is in the final design and testing phases at CWI, and we hope to have a rollout date of Fall 2009 (check back with "CWI News" for updates). Whatever the louver or shutter needs may be, Century Woodwork is your place to get it done right the first time.

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Stair Parts, Treads & Newell Posts

Newell PostsCWI has some of the most state-of-the-art machinery on the market today, but our key to success is purchasing equipment that has multi-functionality. That philosophy has allowed us to manufacture stair parts to go along with the other vast array of items that we currently produce. Custom wood step treads, carved newell posts, and lineal footage hand rails are all within our realm of production. We use RF Gluing technology and our high-end presses allow us to produce planks up to 54" wide & 144" long. Additionally, we currently also have the capability to do small-run turning via a lathe that we keep hidden away in our facilities. While these are by no means our daily production items, if the job calls for it to get a house package of windows and doors, rest assured that we will dour best to figure out a way to get it done for you. In our minds, there simply is no mountain that Century Woodwork and its people cannot climb.

door stiles

Radius Casing & Lineal Mouldings

Radius CasingWe carry a full line of different profiles for both lineal footage and radius casing applications. We can also match any of the profiles that we do carry to one of our custom frames to create a cased opening that fits any hole in your home or office. We also do an array of different profiles for common parts within the construction industry. Chair rail, crown moulding, pencil mould, rake mould, panel moulding, and the list goes on an on. The photos below show just a few of the items we can produce, although we also have the ability to match profiles and grind and sharpen our own moulder & shaper knives, as well as create our own router bits (we do use CNC routers to create some of the more complex multi-curved designs). For more information, or to request a quote on your profile, please call, fax or e-mail our offices.

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Custom Built-Ins & Window Seats

custom window seatsWell, we are a custom woodworking shop! So, when we had some customers ask us for some window seats and other custom built-in systems, we delivered a top-of-the-line CWI product like always and added it to our line-up. We can offer our built-ins with E-Z slide systems for drawers, as well as custom hardware and hinges from the fine folks at Richelieu. All of our built-ins and wall systems are available in a wide variety of species as well to match our other products. Please feel free to send us a sketch of your needs, and we'll design and engineer your dreams into a reality!

engineered stiles

Other Miscellaneous Items

custom columnsWhile this may be a way to open Pandora's box, CWI does feel the need to let our customers know that we are constantly striving to become more important and all-encompassing to the markets that they sell into. While we will not be getting into vinyl windows or metal manufacturing or extrusion, we can do just about anything in wood that you may need. We can do custom columns, wood countertops, MDF full-surround grills, bent jamb heads in both veneered wood and PVC, and a slew of other items that we may not list above. Please feel free to call us and request more information or clarification on our current product line card, as it is constantly growing and expanding and cannot be updated often enough.